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Alvyl Consulting

We build, therefore we are.

We are Alvyl Consulting

Alvyl Consulting is an energetic team of skilled consultants.

We specialize in Open Source Technologies and have proven skills in building:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Computing & Distributed Computing
  • Data Analysis & Business Intelligence
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Being a cross-functional team of software engineers with extensive experience in Start-ups, we have bootstrapped as well as augmented product teams to help them deliver high quality software products.

We are based out of Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Our Team

Hari Krishna Ganji
Founder & Head of Products

Software Engineer and a geek by nature. When not hacking computer programs, tries photography and treks local landscapes. Loves science, food and anime.

Siva Krishna Neeli
Head of Engineering

Experienced Product Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Venkatanatha Sarma Yerragudi
Head of Data Science

Loves making things smart and building the platforms that enable them.

Navya Ganduri
Product Manager & Operations Manager

Product Manager, Business Analyst with a passion for Growth Hacking.

Darshan A M
Software Engineer

DevOps enthusiast with a background in Automation Testing. Likes bikes and gadgets.

Rahul Singh
Robotics & Control Engineer

Enthusiast of Robotic and Control System Domain.

Priyanka Murahari
Software Engineer

I Implement User Interface for applications that meet business and user needs. I Love gadgets, cooking and listening to music.

Milind Mantri
Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer, UI geek and an engineer at heart. Loves challenges. Gym would be his second home.

Nidhina Thammana
UX & Design Consultant

I craft beautiful user interfaces and deliver diverse designs. Art, design, color and patterns pique my interest. Off work I sketch, read, workout and explore.

Neelima Boppana
Junior Software Engineer

I implement web design ideas that elevate brand’s identity

Sanjay munde
Software Engineer

A responsible and challenging FullStack developer augmenting my knowledge to build meaningful products and enhancing my skills. Apart from software I dwell o on digital finance and travelling

HR Operations and Recruiting Intern

A people's person trying to ensure hiring with best valuable talent. I love to dance and travel.

Suved Ganduri
Software Engineer Intern

Fullstack Web Developer and a motivated and determined CS student. Loves to play chess, binge-watch shows, and workout.

Goutham Atreya
Senior Software Engineer

Believes in automating what can be, and utilize the time to make the world a better place.

Poly Dey
Software Engineer

Data Engineer with a very strong work ethic. Kathak Dancer. Loves riding to the mountains.

Kuruva Praveen Kumar
Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer with background in Automation Testing. Keen explorer of the Craft of Building Software. Loves Nature, Films, Cricket and Architecture

Manisha Panda
Software Engineer

Wants to improve people's lives through UI/UX design which makes business sense. Loves Painting and Singing.

Curious if your product idea works in reality?

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